The Council of the European Shuai Jiao Union is reponsible for the development and promotion of Shuai Jiao in Europe.

Executive Members of the Council (Elected)
President Antonio Langiano
Vice President (International Relations) Alessio Pasciulli
Vice President (Strategic Development) Sergey Kutasov
Secretary General Rob Simpson
Treasurer Roberto Seijo Lombao
Representatives of the Council (Executive Appointments)
Athletes' Representative Alessio Mastroguiseppe
Coaches' Representative Michael Nelson-Cole
Members of the Council (National Union Presidents)
France Jean-Luc Lesueur
Germany Mario Pestel
Ireland Anthony Burke
Italy Alessio Pasciulli
Poland Grzegorz Ciembroniewicz
Portugal Manuel Novo Jesus
Russia Sergey Kutasov (Pro Tem)
Serbia Isidora Milosevic
Spain Roberto Seijo Lombao (Pro Tem)
Sweden Peter Renstrom
Switzerland Michael Perez
Ukraine Matulevskiy Mykola
United Kingdom Michael Nelson-Cole