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International Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) Seminar

The International Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) Seminar for Referees and Coaches was held 9 to 11 June, 2017, in Montesilvano City, Italy. This is the first time that this type of training has been sanctioned outside of China
Seminar Report. A clip from the event: Video Report



China and Europe have now fully unified in the use of the 2017 revised rules for international Chinese wrestling tournaments and events. For the first time in the histrory of Chinese wrestling there are now a common set of rules and regulations to enable tournament organisers to maintain a consistent standard in officiating and judging contests. This is a significant step closer towards the aim of an World organisation for Chinese wrestling. The importance of standardisation and consistency in rules and regulations is essential to the international development and promotion of Chinese wresting worldwide.

China and Europe Unite to Standardise Chinese Wrestling

China and Europe unite to continue to develop and promote the benefits of Chinese Wrestling Shuai Jiao. Antonio Langiano, President of the ESJU continues to work closely with senior officials of the Wrestling Association of the People's Republic of China.

Shuai Jiao International Referee and Coach Recognition

Referees and Coaches in Europe will be certified and recognised by the Wrestling Association of the People's Republic of China. The Red Book to be awarded to each successful candidate will be a symbol of international recognition.

Shuai Jiao World Cup Tournament 2017

The Shuai Jiao World Cup will take place in December 2017, in the USA. Invitation Letter.

NEW Rules and Regulations and Agenda.

NEW (Expires 15 September 2017) Entry Form.

International Development Forum

The 3rd International Shuai Jiao Development Form was held on Friday 3 June, 2016. At the meeting Zhou Jinqian, President of the Wrestling Association of the People's Republic of China was formally appointed as the Honorary President of the ESJU. This non-Executive appointment signals the development of a closer relationship between Europe and China.

Under the governance of the IFD. China and Europe have jointly agreed the rules and regulations for Chinese Wrestling tournaments and events, to be published and used at the 2016 Europe - International Chinese Wrestling Shuai Jiao Tournament.


Developing and Promoting Chinese Wrestling


Video Report


Tournaments and Events

Governance and Policy

Growth of Chinese Wrestling


The ESJU organise International events and seminars in association with International Chinese Kuoshu Federation (ICKF) and the Wrestling Association of the People's Republic of China.

The events are organised in accordance with the

Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) Rules and Regulations sanctioned by the ESJU. These rules have been updated following the International Referee and Coaches Seminar, in June 2017; and in accordance with the rules, regulations and format for Chinese wrestling mandated by the Wrestling Assocation of the People's Republic of China.

The ESJU maintain a record of the official results of tournaments and events taking place in the European theatre


Recognition of the Best Shuai Jiao Athletes in Europe

To align with the recognition of the highest achievements of the best Shuai Jiao athletes, afforded to our Chinese counterparts, the ESJU are also publishing

Wrestling Ranking List - Europe

The European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU) is the offical govering body for Chinese-style wrestling (Shuai Jiao) in Europe.

The Council is responsible for the achievement and delivery of the ESJU objectives.

The ESJU governance is based on constitution and supported by policy Statements.

Technical Assessment

The ESJU technical assessment has been developed to ensure that the highest coaching standards are maintained.
This year, the ESJU has received a number of expressions of interets in joining the ESJU from countries outside Europe. While we appreciate the significant interest in Shuai Jiao, the ESJU Executive Board are unable to approve membership applications from groups that are resident in countries outside Europe (as defined by the ESJU Constitution).

The ESJU organises seminars and events with a view to increase the polularity of Shuai Jiao in Europe.

The ESJU actively works with other Shuai Jiao organisations in Europe and beyond. We welcome you to join our expanding Shuai Jiao Union network.
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