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The European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU) was established in 2005 to promote and develop Chinese wrestling (Shuai Jiao) in Europe. The ESJU has grown to become the governing body for Chinese wrestling in Europe. The ESJU is governed by the Council of the ESJU. The ESJU constitution, rules, regulations, and policy are implemented by the Council of the ESJU.


The first World Shuai Jiao Games 2024 2024年中国保定世界功夫跤大会暨中国式摔跤国际邀请赛邀请函, will be held from 24 to 27 October 2024, in Baoding, China.

Open to organisations recognised by the World Shuai Jiao Federation (WSJF).
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European Seminars

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European Shuai Jiao Seminar 2022
The European Shuai Jiao Seminar 2022 took place in Montesilvano, Italy, from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 September 2022.

The event hosted: the International Referee and Officials course; the International Referee Refresher Course; the Black Belt test assessment for European candidates; and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Council of the European Shuai Jiao Union. The event was a tremendous success and signalled a return to safe participation without restrictions.

International Events

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International Shuai Jiao Seminar 2021
The International Shuai Jiao Seminar 2021 took place from Friday 17 to Sunday 19 September, 2021, in Montesilvano, Italy.

The event hosted by the ESJU in association with ACSI, was the first time since the start if the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic for a gathering of Shuai Jiao practitioners from across Europe.

The ESJU Council appreciate that participants were diligent in complying with the Covid-19 rules to ensure safe participation.

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ESJU Services

ESJU Members

ESJU Members can then access the Members Area to review minutes and actions from previous meetings. Members can also access the Actions Log and Programme documentation and other helpful advice and guidance documents.

ESJU Judges, Officials and Referee

ESJU Judges, Officials and Referees can access the Officials Area to review the latest rules and regulations and updates to training and CPD information.

Membership of the College of ESJU Officials - currently being updated - is the offical international accreditation (authorised by the World Shuai Jiao Federation) to officiate at Shuai Jiao events as an Official, Judge or Referee.

ESJU Coaches (Instructors)

Membership of the College of ESJU Coaches (Instructors) - currently being updated - is the offical international accreditation (authorised by the World Shuai Jiao Federation) to teach Shuai Jiao and appoint national Black Belts.

ESJU Membership

Membership Update

Membership of the ESJU is limited to one representative for each nation within Europe. Each member will form a National Shuai Jiao Union for their country to represent the interests of Traditional Chinese Wrestling (Shuai Jiao) in their nation and be responsible for the formation of the national team to represent their nation at international events.

The ESJU Executive Board request that all member organisations update their Executive and Contact information, to be included on the website membership. Members can then access Membership Update to provide their information.

Membership Fee Payment Process

Membership of the ESJU is renewed with the payment of an annual membership fee.

If membership has been in place for twelve (12) months or more, then a payment is required by end-February 2023. Members can access the Payment Process to make a payment.

World Shuai Jiao Federation

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Mr Wang Peng

Vice Presidents:
Mr Chang Dawei
Dr Daniel Weng
Mr Li Wing Kai

General Secretary:
Mr Zhou Chenxu

Deputy General Secretaries:
Mr Jan-yu Weng
Mr Antonio Langiano
Mr Robert Simpson

Mr Alessio Pasciulli
Mr Jon Ervin
Mr Roberto Seijo Lombao

Tournaments and Events

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The ESJU organise event in association with the World Shuai Jiao Federation (WSJF). The events are organised in accordance with the Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling) Rules and Regulations, sanctioned by the ESJU. These rules have been updated following the International Referee and Coaches Seminar.

ESJU Members are invited to contact the Secretary General for the latest version of the Rules and Regulations for Shuai Jiao championships, tournaments, and events. The ESJU also maintain a record of the official results of tournaments and events taking place in the Europe.

European Shuai Jiao Hall of Fame

Governance and Policy

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The European Shuai Jiao Union (ESJU) is the offical govering body for Chinese-style wrestling (Shuai Jiao) in Europe.

The Council is responsible for the achievement and delivery of the ESJU objectives.

The ESJU Governance is based on ESJU Constitution and supported by policy Statements. Members of the ESJU are bound by the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement on becoming a member.

The ESJU Technical Assessment has been developed to ensure that the highest coaching standards are maintained.

Growth of Shuai Jiao

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This year, the ESJU has received a number of expressions of interest in joining the ESJU from countries outside Europe. While we appreciate the significant interest in Shuai Jiao, the ESJU Executive Board are unable to approve membership applications from groups that are resident in countries outside Europe (as defined by the ESJU Constitution).

The ESJU organises seminars and events with a view to increase the polularity of Shuai Jiao in Europe.

The ESJU actively works with other Shuai Jiao organisations in Europe and beyond. We welcome you to join our expanding Shuai Jiao Union network.

European Shuai Jiao Union
151 Strathmore Avenue
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1582 876700
Secretary General
Mr Robert Simpson